Chengdu Boxin IoT Technology Co., LTD. (boxin Wutian) is a joint venture subsidiary established by Chengdu Bogao Information Technology Co., LTD. (bogao Information) and Xinshang Wutian Technology Co., LTD. (Xinshang 'an). As early as the beginning of 2018, BORGo Information and Xinshang Started to set up a team to cooperate in the field of medical Internet of Things. The main research areas include low-power Internet of Things communication, high-precision indoor positioning, and intelligent energy efficiency (water and electricity) acquisition and analysis. After nearly three years of product development and selection, the team has successfully developed a complete Internet of things solution with intelligent energy efficiency and indoor positioning, and in the medical, property, smart park Successful application in multiple fields. Based on the strategic needs of development, BORGo Information decided to operate the original complete team independently in the form of BORGo Information Company, and the original bORGo Information intelligent energy efficiency, indoor positioning, medical Internet of things and other related businesses were transferred to bORGo Information for implementation.